1. What is BuildBuy’s specialty?

RMC - Our innovation in RMC procurement is our specialty. Apart from being just a market place, we act like a quality consultant for buyers by leveraging our cycle data technology. By choosing our preferred suppliers, Buyers can get online genuine batch-slips and save a lot on pilferage and quality.

Other Material – We on-board only quality suppliers and perform periodic inspections on material manufacturing. Hence material quality is assured.

2. On BuildBuy, can I purchase on credit?

Our suppliers can give you credit based on your brand name in the market. You can have an offline discussion regarding credit period and finalize the order accordingly.

3. What are the Payment terms other than Advance Payment?

We offer all the payment terms being followed in the industry. Contact us for offline discussions.

4. Who are your suppliers?

We take suppliers on-board after very strict scrutinization and verification. We have our own set of quality standards on which suppliers are checked. Post your requirement online to see our suppliers.

5. Whom do we need to pay?

The invoice will be raised to you by the supplier, so you will only need to pay the supplier. However, if you want to use our RMC service with your existing supplier, you will have to pay BuildBuy some agreed amount of service charge.

6. Why will any supplier collaborate with you?

Based on our rigorous work on pricing, we will get the right prices to the suppliers. Also we take the quality data of only the orders placed by us. So the suppliers are comfortable with us.

7. What if I want to take your RMC service for my existing supplier?

If you want our RMC service and keep your existing supplier, then you will have to pay an agreed amount per CuM to BuildBuy. In such a case, contact us for offline discussions.

8. How can you help if I have captive RMC plant?

Even if you have a captive RMC plant, you can use our service to get exact batching reports remotely and maintain a transparent work-flow so that managerial decisions can be made easy.

9. Who is responsible for delay in co-ordination?

We are not responsible for any delay in co-ordination. However we will make all our efforts to make the supply on time by constantly communicating with the supplier.

10. Are your rates lower than market rates? Do you give any discounts on market rates?

BuildBuy prices are right prices. We do rigorous rate analysis based on the market rates and give those rates to you. Any price lesser than our price is not quality assured, and any price more than our price is not worth it.

11. Do you only supply RMC or any other materials also?

Along with RMC, we supply a range of other materials also. However at this point, we only check the background of the suppliers and follow quality standards before taking any supplier on-board. Where as in RMC, we have our technology for batch-slip integration apart from the mentioned processes.

12. What is the probable pilferage in RMC without BuildBuy?

Till now you could have lost anywhere around 5-12% of the procurement cost of concrete, which could be around 17 Lacs for an average project. You can save this by just opting to buy from BuildBuy.

13. How else can your service be useful to us?

Apart from good structural life because of good concrete, our services will help you with RERA regulations by maintaining documentation. Your customers will have a good belief on quality once they see all the numbers and such stringent procedures being followed. Also the documentation will help you with all the audits.

14. What is the guarantee that the numbers you show are correct?

Our process is completely fool-proof. Our process is also been audited and certified by Bureau Veritas. In our process there is no chance of any human intervention and no chance that the data is lost.